There are times that people will ask what exactly does the Chamber of Commerce do and what advantage is there for me to belong? The Chamber serves as a collective voice for the business community. As that collective voice we create several pathways to educate, connect and engage. A few of the pathways are listed below:

  • Work Force Monday is a platform that our members can post job openings as a membership benefit.
  • Our members get weekly legislative updates concerning regulations and laws that may affect our local businesses.
  • Individual members work with each other; sharing ideas, discussing best practices and collectively working to strengthen our economy.
  • We recognize that the quality of life issues are important to our prosperity and that poverty, drug abuse and housing deficiencies all contribute to suppressing our quality of life; therefore we are engaged in programs that help alleviate those burdens our citizens struggle with and help find solutions.
  • We understand that education is the foundation of economic prosperity; we strive to stay connected with our public schools and our Community college. Our public schools lay the foundation and our community college provides the pathways for careers. We are involved at many levels of support of our school systems.
  • We make every effort to not only be responsive to our business community; but also think ahead to roadblocks in the future and presenting opportunities that are ours in the present.
  • We are an information hub for our visitors and residents; providing our visitors with accurate information of things to do and experience in our County and certainly help direct our residents to solutions that may arise in their daily lives.

Above all, we work for the success of each and every small business and manufacturer in this County. Our success can only be measured through the success of our members. As an organization, we respect our past, engage the present and build for the future.

We certainly encourage you to join us in strengthening your business and growing our economic successes moving forward. Among our many members there is a great deal of diversity and an enormous amount of talent; people who are willing to assist one another in growing success.

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